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Why choose us for your Plumbing Training?

We offer you a way into the plumbing industry starting with the essential 6129. This course is normally run over two years but with our study pack we have managed to condense it into 6 weeks with our city and guilds centre run by qualified assessors. From here you will have to obtain site evidence with qualified plumbers within the industry to obtain your NVQ2. This requires 6 units  to be completed on site. After this you will be able to work towards obtaining your gas certification. All of this, depending on how quick you manage to get on site, can be achieved in a matter of months after completing the 6129 with us.

Due to expansion, we are also looking to employ successful candidates.

Plumbing – City & Guilds 6129

The plumbing industry now expects entry level plumbers to be at NVQ level 2. The 6129 is an essential step in the right direction on the qualification ladder.

Once you have completed the 6129, you will be able to be assessed on site to achieve the full NVQ level 2 (City & Guilds 6089) this will allow you to gain paid employment  and start to work towards obtaining your gas certificates. We have assessors that can come out and assess your work if you work in our area. The assessors charge £750 which includes registration for your NVQ 2 certificate and the visits to site to sign off the six units required of you. We will also help with the paperwork process and give advice on any issues whilst obtaining your NVQ2.

Assessments  will take place at mutually agreed times to determine and confirm a candidate’s progress and competence set against the national standards. - Trade Services staff will arrange this with you. Once completed you will be issued with the NVQ Level 2 Certificate. You will now be able to gain paid employment.

Course Programme
To enable certification of the City & Guilds 6129 certificate in your allocated 6 week resettlement you will need to undertake the home study. This will need to be completed prior to your attendance at the Trade Services Training Centre. During your resettlement programme, dedicated times will be allocated to revision (of your prior home study) for each unit before the unit examinations. Please note this will be during evening classes.

Course Content
The course is structured to a wide range of learners with the hands on workshop activities and complementary classroom delivery.

The modules to be studied are:
• Safety in plumbing activities
• Key plumbing principles
• Common plumbing processes
• Cold water systems
• Domestic hot water systems
• Sanitation Systems
• Central heating systems/pipework
• Electricity supply
• Sheet lead weathering
• Environmental awareness
• Effective working relationships
• Basic plumbing studies (GOLA End Test)
• Basic plumbing practical tasks (detailed below)

Practical exercises:
• Bathroom installation
• Maintenance
• Commissioning and de-commissioning
• Fault finding
• Heating systems/copper/plastic/low carbon steel
• Drainage
• Leadwork
• Electrical

Course Assessment:
After initial training students will be assessed through a wide range of practical tasks and multiple-choice test papers set by City & Guilds.

Entry Requirements:
The course is designed for students of either gender and is open to all ages. Students wishing to enrol can speak to the course manager to be advised of their suitability.

Course Material:
Students will be provided with materials and tools but to satisfy Health & Safety requirements students will require steel-capped footwear and overalls.

Recognition as a qualified plumber requires completion of a Plumbing NVQ

Plumbing NVQ Level 2 - 6089

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) recognise the abilities of individuals in the workplace. They are based on the competences required for employment which have been determined by the industry. These competences are known as national standards.

The modules to be studied are:
• Unit 201 Maintain the safe working environment when undertaking plumbing work activities
• Unit 202 Maintain effective working plumbing working relationships
• Unit 203 Contribute to the improvement of the plumbing working environment
• Unit 205 Install non complex plumbing systems
• Unit 206 Decommission non complex plumbing systems
• Unit 207 Maintain non complex plumbing systems and components

To achieve an NVQ Level 2 in plumbing, the above 6 units must be achieved.

Course Content:
We are unique because we can assess your progress whilst working with our plumbers. Please be aware due to popular demand we might not be able to find you a work placement but we will try our best. Our assessors tell us that to pass the NVQ2 elements, requires you to first and second fix a new bathroom at two seperate addresses which demonstrates how quickly you can obtain your NVQ2. After you have complteted the 6129 you will be elligable to apply for your JIB card which costs around £20. With this card you will be able to go on site and install bathrooms to obtain your evidence.

We will guide you to ensure your training is structured around the relevant NVQ portfolio. During the programme our Training Co-ordinator will visit each candidate in the workplace to review progress against their Individual Training Plan and liaise with mentors and supervisors. Guidance and support will be provided throughout the programme to enable ultimate achievement of the award.

Resettlement Training Programme - 6 Week Training Package

Attend for 6 weeks plumbing training and assessment (Unit 213 Practical Tasks). Classroom delivery/revision to complement prior home study consists of the following units: -

• Unit 201 Safety and Plumbing Activities
• Unit 202 Key Plumbing Principles
• Unit 203 Common Plumbing Processes
• Unit 204 Cold Water
• Unit 205 Hot Water Systems
• Unit 206 Sanitation
• Unit 207 Central Heating
• Unit 208 Electrical
• Unit 209 Sheet Lead
• Unit 210 Environmental Awareness
• Unit 211 Effective Working Relationships
• Unit 212 Basic Plumbing Studies (GOLA End Test)
• Unit 213 Practical Task

After completion of this programme you will have knowledge and understanding of plumbing to benefit an employer. If successful in gaining employment you would be able to register and enrol for your NVQ with ourselves.

Please contact us for more information.