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Celebrity & VIP Close Protection

There is an increasing demand for VIP and Celebrity close protection services. EBO protect have developed a comprehensive course for those individuals who wish to gain professional qualaificiations and experience in this kind of work.

This is a 4 week residential course and will cover the following modules.

In this module you will cover advanced methods of conducting Risk & Vulnerability Assessments to Threat analysis and security design mythology. The module is started by understanding the range of threats you will encounter within corporate and celebrity environments and takes you through the progressive steps to finally develop a security plan. “Unless you can identify the threat? How can you protect against it”.

Personal Security
Personal Security is a module that looks at the Close protection Operative and principal alike and utilizes the SAFER system. You will develop skills in IT security, Home and Work security procedures for the CPO and client through client education.

Low Level Protection
This module is the heart of the course with roles and responsibilities of the bodyguard and the principals/practices of working as an individual Close Protection Operative (personal body cover). It will also cover search awareness (person, vehicle & room, venue) and venue based security design and implementation.

Escort Section
This module through financial acceptance of the client develops the individual CPO to work within a team or with a personal escort section. Teamwork, communications and foot drills will be covered as well as operational planning and preparation. With the mode of transport covered you will also learn vehicle techniques.

Security Advance
This module concentrates on reconnaissance and route selection of routes, venues, meetings and all pre advance areas the principal may visit on a daily, short notice, special or specific visits. You will learn in detail the needs of prior planning and execution of detailed planning from a manager’s view.

Conflict Management
Conflict management module covers Law and Legislation for operation in the UK and the use of force. You will develop your interpersonal and presentation skills through role play, so that you can conduct yourself in a corporate or celebrity environment. You will be exposed to common incidents and dilemmas to which you will have to deal with by use of communications and conflict management skills we will teach you.

The surveillance module contains the fundamentals of surveillance, counter and anti so that you understand the principals of conducting it so that you can avoid it and remain constant with your awareness drills whilst working within a team environment.

Protective Defence
Due to the fact that you are not legally allowed to carry firearms or weapons in the UK, you will be taught the revolutionary RAID system that is sweeping the country for its ability to render potential attackers defence less whilst keeping within the law and following the use of force system.

Live Final Exercise
Combined with the practical exercises and the use of live clients for the real training effect, EBO has developed an unparallel course to prepare you for future employment development and not just an operator’s qualification.

Please contact us for more information.